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We are now a hub for individuals, businesses and/or organizations that are looking to hire talented, positive black men who are service providers in various fields worldwide.  Our team will serve as the Direct Point of Contact and Liaison between the Customer and Service Provider.  Whether you are looking for a Computer Specialist with a Security Clearance in Washington DC or a DJ for your private party in Dallas Texas, our team will do our part to make sure we fulfill your request by providing skilled black man/men. 

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We are currently accepting resumes/portfolio from talented Black Men who are Service Providers worldwide to add to our database.  We are looking but are not limited to the following:  Djs, Barbers, IT Professionals, Chefs, Motivational Speakers, Coaches, Trainers, Drivers, Bartenders, Bouncers, Administrative Specialists, Movers, Actors, Models, Photographer, Designers, Promoters, Singers, etc. 

Please note that we will accept all resumes but in order to be placed in a position, you must be an Active Basic Member of the NETWORK. 

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Hire A Black Man 

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