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SITY SINGLES  is for the successful professional black men who are not interested in traditional ways of meeting  their mates. 

SITY SINGLES  is the exclusive Matchmaking division connected to the BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE, our Concierge Service for the lifestyle of black men, where we assist black men in their personal growth, their love lives and their business world.  

Our clients let us know what they want and then they sit back, relax and allow our team to do the work.  

From the start, because we are a PRIVATE NETWORK, our potential members & their information is confidential.  Upon receiving your application we’ll contact you to schedule a private, yet relaxed, easy, open, in-person consultation to better understand your dating preferences, lifestyle preferences, and relationship goals. You have our full attention. — With your transparency and our skills, together we will holistically find your WOW FACTOR.

Sity Singles is not just for any black man, we are looking for members who are financially, spiritually and emotionally stable, intelligent and possibly even funny who are ready for love with the right person.  This is not the place for that man, who is still about games and is looking for people to add to his list of conquerors.  We want the confident men who are true to themselves, so it makes it easy for them  to be true to their future mate.  The one that is fed up with the normal rat race and drama that comes with dating, meeting someone online or having to go to a nightclub in order to find a classy woman.   Authenticity is very important to our team.  We don't have time for superficial people or someone who seems to believe that they are every woman's gift, which if that was the case, they wouldn't need us. 


Whether a Business Owner or one that has the 9 to 5 lifestyle, our team has created a solid process where we meet with each of our potential clients and do a thorough screening of some sort to make sure everyone is who they claim to be.  Rest assured, you will never have to worry about a Catfish scenario, finding out they are married at a later date or any of the normal dating nightmare situations that you have endured in the past.  

By becoming one of our clients, you will also receive invitations to our private events for SINGLES ONLY.


If you're a single man and you're interested in these services, please complete the following Questionnaire.  

You must be a BASIC MEMBER to participate.

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Single Woman Submission

From the start, because we are a PRIVATE NETWORK, you and your information will always remain confidential.  BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE, founded by a Black Woman, is an exclusive membership based Concierge Service supporting the lifestyles of black men.   We provide services to black men who are truly about the betterment of self, their love lives and their businesses.  Sity Singles being the entity that focuses on their love lives and Matchmaking.  The look of Black Love has changed so much over the years and it's our mission to make it more than just a saying again by connecting King & Queens who are truly ready for love.  Our ancestors deserves to see it, our kids deserves the examples and more importantly, we deserve it.  We weren't created for nothing, why not focus it on love?


Although black men are our main clients, we can't have a Matchmaking service without black women.   However, we don't want just any black woman, we are looking for the classy black woman who still believe in the black man.  The ones who look at Michelle Obama & Barrack Obama and knows, that's me and my man.  The Professional ones who are about their business but still knows how to make the right one a priority. 


We only work with the ELITE of Black Men and we take pride in handpicking ones that we believe that will make great mates for Sity Singles, that's why it's important for us to have a vetting system that focusing on finding black women who walk in their true essence.  


If you think that you meet the qualifications of the type of woman that we are looking for our database, please complete the following Questionnaire.   

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