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A Concierge Service Catered To Black Men Created By A Black Woman

BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE is an exclusive membership-based Concierge Service supporting the lifestyles of black men. We are the team that will bring about a new positive look of the black man in today's society. We have put together a plan that will provide services to black men who are truly about the betterment of self, their love lives, and their businesses. We are here to serve, uplift, inspire and to give black men platforms to express themselves and shine. 

We are a private membership-based agency, that provides multiple levels of membership and  a variety of services.  We know that each member has a different mission, so we create unique, personalized service packages that will cater to our members based on their wants and needs  Our main services includes Marketing, Exposure, Business Consultant, Life Coaching & Matchmaking. 


It was important for us to have multiple aspects to our network to make sure that any positive spiritually minded black man that meets are criteria can benefit, so we decided to open up our BASIC membership to all who are interested from 1 - 12 February 2021 for $10.00.  After our initial open invitation, we will raise our initial BASIC MEMBER fee and all applicants must be approved by our team. 


We also have options to become a GOLD & ROYAL MEMBER.   Based on your approval, some  men will become a Brand Ambassador of the BLACK MEN WORLDWIDE and they will be the individuals that our network will constantly use as examples of what the network is all about.  Right now, we are only accepting a limited amount of ROYAL MEMBERS and may possibly open up more slots in the future.  Royal Members become LaTonya Mechelle's Personal Clients.     

Whether you are a basic member or a royal member, you will always receive the best treatment.  We believe in QUALITY not QUANTITY!

At no time will we commit to something that we cannot proudly give our stamp of approval.  We believe strongly in OVER & BEYOND Customer Service.  It's a requirement for everyone on our team!​

Looking forward to connecting with you and being a part of your growth.  ​

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